Intuitive energy healing

The clarity, discernment and deep connection to the Divine that emerges through our intuitive energy session are part of your ongoing life process. They will become the tools that you use in everyday life. We will call upon your own deep intuition – your best friend – to be able to recognize the energetic blocks that are causing dis-ease within yourself and to receive the guidance to clear those blocks.

Release old habits of self-sabotage that inhibit your finest life.

Start to create your future with vision and purpose. Create the life that you desire and deserve. You have the power, and we will unleash it.

Private session

A private session is offered in person, either by Skype or phone. It is an interactive session in which you will e safely supported and guided with humor and grace.

We will uncover:

  • What is underneath “I’m not good enough?”
  • How to become the Light you are meant to be
  • How to empower yourself to open to life, take your power as a divine-human

Divine clarity & intuition

  • Identifying personal patterns of stress
  • Stress management – relaxation, autogenic training, meditation
  • Intuiting your strengths and weaknesses
  • Exploring the nature of intuition and identifying your intuitive voice
  • Illness as metaphor for life and finding the courage to heal
  • Healing as a mystical experience
  • Prayer and healing, an exploration into grace
  • The nature of miracles and healing
  • The practice of prayer and contemplation as essential to healing

Chair yoga for all ages

It’s popular these days to say “yoga is for everybody.” But is that really true? Can it really be practiced by everyone? Even those who, due to age, inflexibility, or injury, need to practice completely from a chair?

Absolutely!  YES!  

chair yoga may be the way to go for people:

  • with balance issues
  • looking to start slowly
  • who would just feel more confident starting out this way

Come and practice with Fabienne on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  She will lead you into loving your breath and movement and most of all yourself on the chair.

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