Into the Stretch Therapy – FOR MEN ONLY

“Into the Stretch Therapy” every Wednesday at 12 noon with Fabienne.   

Just show Up, first class gratis!  Aldama 9. Just ring the bell!  

Fabienne’s Yoga is offering a new class for MEN ONLY.  A stretch and breath Therapy class on Wednesday’s at 12-1.

Fabienne is a firm believer of living IN our bodies comfortably and with ease as the years go by.  That means no pain.  

We are living longer and it is imperative we keep our bodies flexible , joyful and alive.

This class is for anyone new to Stretch Therapy, and is suitable for every body.  Golfer, Hikers, walkers, tennis players and couch potatoes!!! 

All that want to open the body to all it can be.  Her teachings are safe and gentle. She is an intuitive and can read your body and its challenges and bring you into the most beneficial stretches.

Learn the techniques that have helped many thousands of people to experience grace and ease in the body.

You will learn how to:

  • free up tight joints and move fluidly again
  • increase the sensations of being alive
  • let tension go completely from your body
  • relax completely, via guided relaxation exercises
  • sleep more deeply and awaken refreshed and renewed

In the” Into the Stretch “ class you will stretch every muscle, every nerve, and every bit of fascia in the body. Until you have had this experience you simply cannot imagine the deep state of relaxation that manifests in the body as a result. You will learn to use a chair to help balance and go deeper.  Adding to this effect is a guided relaxation exercise. Becoming aware of this state of relaxation as you experience it allows it to become a choice in the future.

Another mportant aspect of simply freeing yourself of pain in the body. Most people experience their bodies as impediments in their life instead of the source of all pleasure. This is as true of athletes as it is of couch potatoes—only the details of the discomfort changes. The most common cause of pain and tension is too much sitting, and not enough of the RIGHT movement.

The body is talking to us all the time but it speaks a language we don’t understand or have learned not to listen to—the body speaks in the language of sensation and the right stretching exercises are the best way to decode this foreign language. You will become the world’s expert on YOU and your life will be different forever.


“I am a 70 year old male who has been seeking a yoga instructor who can assist me in obtaining my goal of improving my breathing, balance and physical flexibility! I have found her in SMA!”
Morris R

An Inspiring Teacher

“I studied yoga with Fabienne for several years in San Miguel de Allende. Her enthusiasm in contagious, and no one in all my years of yoga classes explains the techniques and uses of breathing as well as she does. It changed the way I practice yoga for all times.”
Jim Johnson

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